Energy efficient DC ceiling fans

Emerson CF955WW Midway Eco Appliance White Energy Star 54″ Ceiling Fan with Light & Remote :

345 Watts/CFM.  This is a huge breakthrough considering that the average ceiling fan only produces approximately 76 CFM/Watt. …  The Emerson Midway ECO is the first of a new breed of ceiling fans that sets the standard for the future. Proven to be over 300% more efficient than any other ENERGY STAR qualified ceiling fan with lights, the Midway Eco is in fact the Greenest Ceiling Fan on the Planet. The Midway Eco is a powerful, yet low energy consuming fan that moves a whopping 6,936 Cubic Feet of Air per Minute while consuming only 24 watts of electricity. This is an unprecedented breakthrough in ceiling fan technology and far exceeds the standards set for ENERGY STAR Qualification by the Department of Energy (DOE). Even more, the light fixture uses 4-13 Watt CFL bulbs for the equivalent of about 200 Watts of incandescent light while only consuming 52 Watts. The fan and lights combined use about as much electricity as a 75 watt light bulb, which is quite remarkable.

Energy star rated ceiling fans

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