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Ferrocement Concrete tank

From Eric Friesen’s facebook page. Project is in Nicaragua. Thank you Eric! The system in a nutshell, spacers holding the reinforcing —- not attached to forms, — filling in the base of the wall, forms are raised on bricks to … Continue reading

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Cassava (or Yuca) at OMV

Today, Leyli came to the house with this yuca root in hand, to show me what will grow here with virtually no maintenance (beyond the work of digging it up). I had been asking him about what we would need … Continue reading

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BBHA SDHW Design Ideas

A drainback system using Evacuated tube collectors A Drainback tank with heat exchanger AET Solar model DB-10-10XC And a 80 gallon insulated storage tank with one heat exchanger. This tank stores tempered water prior to feeding it through a Toyo … Continue reading

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