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Biochar-making Wood Stove

Biochar Biochar is a carbonized material produced at high temperatures in a zero or low oxygen environment. This charcoal substance has a porous cryst alline structure, and can be used to increase soil fertility (IBI 2010). Since the discovery of … Continue reading

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DIY Plastic waste to Diesel

Thermal Depolymerization (detailed step by step instructions to make your own) The process is really simple, it is similar to how alcohol is made. If you heat plastic waste in non oxygen environment, it will melt, but will not burn. … Continue reading

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Aquaponics Experimenter’s Kit

Aquaponics Experimenter’s Kit It is made from used 55 gallon plastic drums and $100 or so worth of PVC piping & fittings. Both the name and the concept were inspired by / adapted from Allpower lab’s GEK (Gasifier Experimenters Kit). … Continue reading

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