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SGEV Energy System, Micro-grid

Site info: Total property is 94 hectares (234 acres).  It is saddle shaped, with river & valley running West to East across the middle, rising to ridges at north and south. Highest elevation at South ridge is 980 M. River … Continue reading

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SGEV Microhydro Intake Design notes

Notes from article in April/May 2008 HomePower magazine: Microhydro Intake Design. Civil Works Includes list of options, with pros & cons, relative cost & complexity of each. Various possibilities exist for the general lay-out of a hydro scheme, depending on … Continue reading

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Micro Hydroelectric Cost info

Articles on cost: From Micro-hydro power: an option for socio-economic development paper In the examples examined in the five countries, the capital cost of micro hydro ranges from US$ 655 in Nepal to US$5,630 per installed kilowatt, in constant 1998 … Continue reading

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Micro-hydro Power Notes

Went w/ William today, to see creek, locate falls, first look. One possible idea is to build a weir at the top of the falls, run a ~horizontal pipe (slight slope downward) to a point near the lowest Phase 1 … Continue reading

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