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Soil Amendment Center

The Soil Amendment Center (renamed from “Vermiculture Center” or “Lombricario” to reflect its broader scope) is an approximately 8 M x 8.5 M (26′ x 28′) pole building — essentially a metal roof to cover a generous work space containing … Continue reading

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A Simple Low Cost DIY Chlorinator

CTI-8 Chlorinator CTI has developed a device capable of disinfecting water in gravity-fed potable water systems. The device, called the CTI 8 Chlorinator is an inexpensive, low-maintenance, non-electrical, appropriate-technology apparatus. It is capable of delivering a controlled dosage of chlorine … Continue reading

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Tilapia Population Control

Here are some ideas, from The Aquaponic Source: “Tilapia will reproduce to the point of danger and even overwhelm the bio-filter if your adults are well fed, and the young can find any refuge in the tank. If hungry, the … Continue reading

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Raising Meat Chickens (Broilers) Sustainably

General Approach:  Start clearing, fencing, fertilizing and planting with high-protein forage crops as much available land as possible.  Start with the slopes above Phase I villas (currently planted in fruit trees). Integrate nutrient flows with aquaponics systems to be built … Continue reading

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