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Waste to Energy Center

The OMV Waste to Energy Center (currently in planning stages) will be a centralized processing facility where all “waste” material will be collected and processed to extract available energy before recycling the remaining byproducts. (“Waste” is in quotes because the … Continue reading

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US Politics: (Some reasons why I like Costa Rica)

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Moixa Smart DC power hub

Smart DC power hub and Smart DC Sockets The smart hub is the core of the system and provides smart communications (Zigbee, Wifi, IP), smart control and smart power provision. It manages local renewables and battery storage, smart meter communications, … Continue reading

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Homemade Vertical Aquaponics Setup

A very cool website showing a homemade vertical aquaponics setup using what looks like a standard home aquarium and some 4″ PVC sewer pipe. There are some nice how-to instructions and photos. The guy made the plant holders by cutting … Continue reading

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WVO Titration

What is titration and why to do it. A good video explaining the chemistry of biodiesel. Basically, the purpose of titrating is to determine the amount of fatty acids in the waste oil. The transesterification process requires a specific minimum … Continue reading

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WVO filtration setup

Waste Vegetable Oil – WVO Filtering and Dewatering YouTube video of a very nice two-tank WVO filtering and dewatering system.  First tank (55 gal drum) is a settling tank, modified to add a cone bottom, with water/sediment draw off valve.  … Continue reading

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