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Diesel Generators, Load balancing, Storage

Diesel Engine info, prices… Heating Value of Fuels Diesel fuel efficiency table Online Fuel Calculator 2 kW Honda inverter  generator: ~$1,000. 4 hrs to empty  1.1 gallon tank at rated load 1,600 watts 1600 watts / [1.1 gal … Continue reading

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UBAB Urban Batch Anaerobic Digester

An interesting very simple home batch digester design from Open Source Biotecture in Nepal:  (One question: why is the truck inner tube in a barrel with water? What happens to the water when the bag fills and empties?

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LED Lighting Misc.

LED Lighting: Getting It Right Avoiding common misconceptions about LED sources and fixtures Myth #1: LEDs last forever Myth #2: LEDs are not bright enough Myth #3: White-light LED sources produce over 160 lumens per watt Myth #4: Three-watt LEDs … Continue reading

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Flow through worm bin design

DIY Flow Through bins: a collection of links. A nice design found in the collection above. Made from a 55 gallon drum: The Schwartz’s Flow-Through Vermicompost Barrel    

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Azolla duckweed aquatic plant

A good 12 page document from fao with technical/scientific data: Floating aquatic macrophytes – Azolla “Because Azolla has a higher crude protein content (ranging from 19 to 30 percent) than most green forage crops and aquatic macrophytes and a rather … Continue reading

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