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Serenity Gardens House Floor Plans

For more info, go to Serenity Gardens EcoVillage. (Scroll to bottom of page for floor plans and energy calculator…)

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Compressed Earth Block (CEB) Construction

Hydraform (Suggested by Paul Thomas: He’s interested in importing to CR. Reported cost is $50,000.) A world leader in masonry construction and the manufacture of hydraulic block machines, Hydraform specializes in using soil cement Compressed Earth Block (CEB) technology to … Continue reading

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Micro Hydroelectric Cost info

Articles on cost: From Micro-hydro power: an option for socio-economic development paper In the examples examined in the five countries, the capital cost of micro hydro ranges from US$ 655 in Nepal to US$5,630 per installed kilowatt, in constant 1998 … Continue reading

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