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Energy Storage, Load Balancing

Problem # 1: Let’s say we have a river able to generate 100 kW.  In a 24 hour period, it produces 100 * 24 = 2,400 kWh.  Let’s also say that we have a total daily demand of 2,400 KWH, … Continue reading

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Here is an excellent article in Home Power magazine about living off-grid: HP133 p88 Toast Pancakes & Waffles: “Toast, waffles, or pancakes: Off-grid living means not that we go without the energy that we need, but that we live more … Continue reading

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SGEV Energy System, Micro-grid

Site info: Total property is 94 hectares (234 acres).  It is saddle shaped, with river & valley running West to East across the middle, rising to ridges at north and south. Highest elevation at South ridge is 980 M. River … Continue reading

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AC-Coupled Mini-grid info

from SMA Review: One of the coolest features of the SMA Sunny Island 4248U Inverter is its ability to create a ‘mini grid’ in off grid remote areas. The Sunny Island can power the grid in a small community. Then … Continue reading

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Micro Hydroelectric Cost info

Articles on cost: From Micro-hydro power: an option for socio-economic development paper In the examples examined in the five countries, the capital cost of micro hydro ranges from US$ 655 in Nepal to US$5,630 per installed kilowatt, in constant 1998 … Continue reading

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Cyclone Power Technologies

A modern steam engine, from Cyclone Power Technologies Consider for use in our Waste-to-Energy center. Burn multiple fuels or even use with solar, grid tied. Wonder if could pyrolize biomass with the exhaust temps. CPT has two different engines: a … Continue reading

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Consumer Reports comparisons, refrigerators, showerheads

consumer reports comparisons Highest rated refrigerators: EnergyStar List of Efficient refrigerators LG LFC25776[SW] — $1800 – $2400 Whirlpool Gold GXF5FHDXV[] — $1200 — $1500 Kenmore 7201 — $1524 Low flow Showerheads Moen Inspire 21777 — $50 American Standard Flowise 1660.502 … Continue reading

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More efficient ozone-friendly air conditioner

An air conditioner with VFD condenser, uses R134a or R410a refrigerant which is more ozone friendly than R22.  The condensing unit modulates to meet demand instead of on/off, so is more efficient. Replace the Air-Pro units currently installed in Villas.  … Continue reading

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Collected Solar Data

Solar Data collected by the little white box on the pedestal set up on the lawn above the pool area. The data is from June 28 – November 12, 2011  (thanks Duane, and William, for setting it up.) What it … Continue reading

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Moixa Smart DC power hub

Smart DC power hub and Smart DC Sockets The smart hub is the core of the system and provides smart communications (Zigbee, Wifi, IP), smart control and smart power provision. It manages local renewables and battery storage, smart meter communications, … Continue reading

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