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More on the idea of “holons”

From Wikipedia: “Koestler also says holons are autonomous, self-reliant units that possess a degree of independence and handle contingencies without asking higher authorities for instructions. These holons are also simultaneously subject to control from one or more of these higher … Continue reading

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Sustainable Communities as Holons

From John Robb’s Global Guerrillas blog… HOLONS AND ECONOMIC RESILIENCE Here’s an excellent parable from Herbert Simon that may help you get your head around how holonic theory works (and why it is useful): Suppose each watch consists of 1000 … Continue reading

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Biophysical Economics

Biophysical Economics: From Physiocracy to Ecological Economics and Industrial Ecology This paper explains why sustainability is not possible under the fractional reserve banking system, or within the framework of current economic theory.  In short, this system — as with ponzi … Continue reading

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