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SDHW System Design Notes

There are three steps in the design of a solar DHW system: determination of solar energy available per unit area of collector, determination of heating load, and sizing the collector for cost effectiveness. System sized to provide 90-100% of total … Continue reading

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Sailboats, Tugboats, Negawatts, Extreme Efficiency

How Low Can You Go? “What do you get when you give an industrious engineer and solar energy enthusiast with an eye on the bottom line the chance to design his own abode? An extreme home—extremely energy efficient, that is. … Continue reading

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AC-Coupled Mini-grid

From Homepower magazine article Links to article and diagrams of AC-coupled mini-grid using Magnum inverter and enphase micro-inverters. Magnum – Enphase AC Coupled.pdf AN 0002 AC Coupling (Rev 5-10).pdf

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Microgrid news

Microgrids and Our Energy Future: Two Pundits Weigh In Although it’s a big stretch to say that power microgrids are “about” to become mainstream, two recent articles by thought leaders in the energy world illustrate that it won’’t take much … Continue reading

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Collected Solar Data

Solar Data collected by the little white box on the pedestal set up on the lawn above the pool area. The data is from June 28 – November 12, 2011  (thanks Duane, and William, for setting it up.) What it … Continue reading

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Micro-hydro Power Notes

Went w/ William today, to see creek, locate falls, first look. One possible idea is to build a weir at the top of the falls, run a ~horizontal pipe (slight slope downward) to a point near the lowest Phase 1 … Continue reading

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