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Calculations needed

Post by Andrew » Mon Jun 15, 2009 7:35 pm

My name is Andrew Mincu, and i am undergraduate, last year student at BANAT UNIVERSITY OF AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES AND VETERINARY MEDICINE TIMISOARA, ROMANIA, Biotechnology section.
As I read previous posts, everybody who said that is student and search for data for undergraduate project, nobody helped him or send him any helpful message, well i`ll try my chance.
In 1 week i need to finish my Bachelor degree, and i can`t find helpful data.
If someone knows and is willing to post, I should design calculations for a 3000MW/year biogas station. My virtual datas are 340 milk cows, 80 heifers, 120 (12-18 months cattles), 160 (6-12 months cattles), 40 fattening bulls, 40 young progeny. From my calculations they will produce aprox. 28,66 tons of manure/day. How can i find out now much cubic meters will result from this manure and how many cubic meters of biogas will produce that quantity of manure/day. Supplementation for station will be made with corn and diffrent kind of grains. 1 ha culture of maize will produce 30 tons of corn. How much cubic meters of biogas can produce 30 tons of corn. What area of land to be cultivated with maize to produce and maintain that 3000MW/year biogas station besides of manure amount produced by farm animals.
Please, if someone has this informations and would help me, I would be very grateful to be able to finish my work for Bachelor degree and if you don`t want that data to be made public please contact me at
Thank you very much for your attention.

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