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Biomass calculator

Post by paalta » Mon Feb 02, 2009 5:18 am

The calculator is a very usefull tool, however I would like some more information regarding the input.

The feedstock input is listed per animal , I find this very limited , in particular the Horses .I have 8 equines they vary in size from a mini shetland to a hungarian warmblood .

Would it not be better to list the feedstock per KG or LBS input - this would make calculations better as each different animal will produce a different ammount of manure , An ARAB will produce 10 KG of manure/day A Shire will produce 25 KG ( The same for dogs as a Corgi will not produce the same as a St Bernard ) .

Could a table of some sort be made listing the aprox weiget input for each animal .

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