Do scum is indigestible materials?

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Do scum is indigestible materials?

Post by chupong » Thu May 15, 2008 3:22 am

First, thank you for sharing us the great design. I will to try on kitchen waste (to produce kitchen gas :wink: ).
But still I have some question.
1. Could the scum accumulated in each chamber (with well stirred)? And if we use feed like kitchen waste.

From below, it said "anaerobes are unable to degrade lignin". Do we need periodic remove them if we use kitchen waste?

2. What average pH of each stage will go.

3. Shall it able to digest small amount of waste oil or grease. Cause I feel hesitate to pre-process the kitchen waste.
Note: I also make biodiesel and I will try the glycerol (crude, treat) too.

4. Do you have information on others design of home-use 2 phase digester?

Thank you. :D

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