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Post by Bob » Sun Oct 15, 2000 4:53 pm

Biorealis Systems Inc has developed a simple, low cost wastewater treatment unit. Potential commercial applications include:
  • Treatment and reclamation of septic tank effluent for secondary uses and/or to extend the life of failing drainfields.
  • Production of potable water (With the addition of micro-filtration. Useful for remote/extreme environments, field camps, or emergency disaster relief situations.)
  • Extending the life of existing centralized wastewater treatment facilities which are at or near capacity, by reducing organic loading at the source.
  • Treated effluent is suitable for reuse, discharge to storm sewer, or groundwater recharge.
  • Use with companion composting toilet to treat "compost tea". (Used together, each unit solves problems inherent to the other. The water treatment unit provides a way to deal with excess liquid in the composter, while liquid from the composter provides a regulated carbon source to the water treatment unit, beneficial to maintaining stable microbial populations. Sludge from the water treatment unit is added to the composter and converted to humus.)
  • Emergency disaster relief. Compact, lightweight, easily transportable unit capable of producing effluent of quality suitable for surface discharge, while capable of operating on low-wattage alternative sources of energy.
  • Affordable, user-maintainable on-site wastewater treatment for developing world or low-income rural applications (i.e. anywhere in the world currently lacking adequate sanitation facilities, and where money, clean water and energy are in short supply). Availability of component kits that can be installed in locally manufactured tanks (e.g. of concrete or clay) can reduce costs to end users dramatically.

This is a place to ask & answer questions, share experiences with building, installing and using this technology.

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