Apartment sized Bio-shelter

Designing, building, living in a bioshelter.


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David Shah
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Apartment sized Bio-shelter

Post by David Shah » Fri Apr 26, 2002 12:15 pm

Hi Bob,I've been playing with the idea of a sort of Earthship style Bio-shelter with many rooms on two stories or three in the rooms would be space efficient like a pullman car,with everything builtin and folding down like..each room would be about 7'x9'with a window and they could be rented out to people who are disabled or retired or poor people making low wages,because of the savings in water and sewage and heat and airconditioning.and maybe even have photovoltaics foe electricity and or a windcharger or two and thus be frugal and self-sufficient and live a simple life which is easy on the earth and a community is more natural to the human primate than the single family home..perhaps 16-24 members in this LifeShip..with good clean oxygenated air because of the many plants it would be a very good place to live,,what do you think?especially if it were made with Adobe bricks and clad with Strawbales for insulation and stuccoed,,,and with big broad porches maybe wrapping all the way around it on both levels for socializing and all the other good things a porch is good for...Peaceout

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Post by Benjamin » Thu Jan 01, 2004 8:42 pm

Fantastic ideas. Get them out of your head, onto some paper (or whatever medium in which you communicate best), and figure out how to make them happen.

I have some similar ideas that I am working on, so far I'm only at the getting-my-ideas-onto-paper stage, but I am determined to make it happen.

Good luck - keep us updated on your progess here.....
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