Potable Water Treatment Plant

Links to background info, basis of design:

  1.  Specific design features, edited and highlighted from original document: Manz Slow Sand Filter
  2. Water Treatment Plant drawings: WTP-EN ESPANOL-NEW  or WTP-IN ENGLISH-OLD.pdf.
  3. Online calculator used to estimate demand, calculate flow rates and size the system.
  4. Comparison of MSSF with traditional SSF (Slow Sand Filters) Manz Slow Sand Filter -OPERATION & CLEANING – comparison
  5. Sources for MOV, actuator and PLR
    1. Intermatic PE24VA 24-Volt Pool/Spa Water Valve Actuator
    2. Jandy 1-1/2 to 2-Inch Positive Seal NeverLube Valve
    3. Programmable Logic Relay: Teco SG2 from B&B
  6. Programming notes, Sequence of Operations
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2 Responses to Potable Water Treatment Plant

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  2. Brandon Hoffman says:

    This looks great. Are you having this system at the top of the property so the filtered water can be gravity fed? Have you thought about changing the MOV to a piloted check valve and setting the spring pressure equal to the overflow head pressure? This would eliminate expensive powered shutoff valves. Screening would remove anything large enough to clog the check. This would be easy to make and maintain. Just a thought.

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