Moixa Smart DC power hub

Smart DC power hub and Smart DC Sockets

The smart hub is the core of the system and provides smart communications (Zigbee, Wifi, IP), smart control and smart power provision.

It manages local renewables and battery storage, smart meter communications, and provides efficient DC power to variable DC ports on the hub, USB sockets, network sockets, to power local LED lighting, gadgets, electronics and computer devices.

The system can log and analyse energy use across both the DC network, as well as the mains AC grid, and provide smart controls to control devices via smart phone or web interfaces, as well as power management modes to reduce energy use when devices not needed. The hub can also host a local interface, as well as interface web-pages so can operate totally off-grid or independently of broadband or IP connection. The hub also manages your privacy to ensure you have control of any data, and options to share or collaborate with others in reducing energy.

Typically a smart hub would be located near a computer environment, such as a home office to power monitors, laptops, Wifi, printers or near a media environment for low power televisions, games and music devices, or as a general household charge hub for portable devices.

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