Biodiesel Safety, Storage and Usage

Storage and usage info from this video:

  1. Store it in a yellow (or blue) container. Industry standard = Red for Gasoline, blue for kerosene. Do not store in red container.
  2. Vehicles older than 1992 have natural rubber fuel lines. Replace with viton. (should take < $20, ~30 minutes to do.)
  3. Be prepared to replace fuel filter after 1st few tankfulls. Biodiesel is a powerful solvent, will dissolve sludge (waxy paraffin like) in bottom of engine, which then circulates through lines, clogging filter. Symptom is loss of power (like fuel line icing). Should only need to do this once.
  4. Cold flow properties. Animal fat solidifies @ ~55°F, vegetable oil @ ~30°F.  Check properties of different feedstocks. Remedy in cold climates is to blend w/ diesel, which contains additives to lower the pour & cloud point.
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