Sweet Sorghum

Cost-effective renewable bioenergy, electricity, food production and more.

SWEET SORGHUM: Fantastic for farmers, fuel, food, and our future.

AgriFuels is a next-generation agribusiness and renewable energy project. The project employs a high-yielding, proprietary variety of the powerful energy plant sweet sorghum (S. bicolor (L.) Moench) as an input feedstock to produce a suite of of highly efficient and ecologically-sustainable green energy products and food. (Ethanol, electricity, agropellets, gluten-free grain and more)

Unlike other bioenergy feestocks, sweet sorghum produces food¬† products and other valuable by-products from its seeds and cane waste, eliminating the “Food vs Fuel” issue that is frequently raised by biofuels critics.

It produces a highly nutritious, gluten-free grain cob, which can be ground into flour and used for making bread, beer, animal feed or a number of other food products. Sorghum bran contains more healthy anti-oxidants than well-known anti-oxidants such as blueberries and pomegranates.

It also produces a high sugar content cane which is ideally suited to the production of biofuels and green electricity.

Syrup made from the cane juice is a healthy alternative to sugar or honey and often used as a nutritious, natural sweetener or made into a full-bodied rich-flavoured beer. .

Waste remaining after the cane has been pressed can be used to produce paper pulp, other natural sweeteners, green electricity, renewable building materials and fibre for clothing, amongst other products.

Importantly, AgriFuels sweet sorghum can often be grown on marginal lands, not suitable for other crops (e.g., in high salinity or sandy soils), producing additional food and fuel without the necessity to displace existing crops.

List of other sweet sorghum biofuel projects

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