Biodiesel Program Design

Biodiesel To Do List:

I. Assess the available resource, develop new sources.

  1. Visit restaurants in the area (from Uvita to Palmar Sur, etc?) to find out how much waste vegetable oil (WVO) is available for collection and of what quality, ask permission to pick it up and work out details with restaurant owner for pickup. (See How to Collect Waste Vegetable Oil article, from Murphy’s Machines for some good ideas.)
  2. Based on what’s available (quantity, quality, storage format, etc.) design a collection system, develop a work plan and pickup schedule, etc. See (Collecting Oil – Tips & Tricks, from Utah Biodiesel Supply for ideas.)
  3. Alternate idea — set up as a coop, where people bring their own waste oil which gets dumped into a larger storage container (e.g. 275 gal tote). Set up system where they get X gallons of finished biodiesel for every Y gallons of WVO they provide.
  4. Plant jatropha cuttings. Coordinate planting requirements with Jarrett.
    1. Find out about the land from Jim. Where is it, how much land, etc. Can we get climate data for it?
  5. Plant / investigate other crops.

II . Select or build processing equipment, Design facility.

Video showing one example layout Daphne biopro 190

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