Pinch valve details

Pinch valve: Gear motor rotates lead screw, moving nut (and attached slide gate) up and down. Lowering the gate pinches 1″ I.D. Silicone rubber tubing shut. Raising it, opens the valve. The L298N H-bridge motor controller provides a simple inexpensive way to reverse the direction of rotation of the motor. (see also earlier rough ideas at Arduino stepper motor controlled slurry pinch valve)


  1. Able to handle solids / slurries without clogging.  No moving parts in contact with liquid, no maintenance.
  2. Inexpensive: computer controlled automation for < $100/valve.

Resources, details / how-tos:

Arduino Wiring Diagram

Gear Motor with Lead Screw and nut coupled to shaft

Slide gate attached to nut: Moves up and down on shaft to open or close valve.

Assembled valve body. Motor on top, slide gate inside, silicon tubing runs through.

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