SGEV Sinkhole – Water reservoir

Idea:  Explore feasibility of damming the gully below this sinkhole, and using the resulting lake or pond as a water reservoir. Potential advantages include:

  • Positive way to control seasonal flows, site drainage and prevent further erosion damage. Working with the land, turning a liability into an asset.
  • Better use of land. Far more volume/capacity than using a bulldozer to build a pond on flatter (and thus more valuable for other purposes) land.
  • Depending on flows: Build a slow sand filter (details here) and pump station adjacent to it or just below. Or an “artificial aquifer” (details here).
  • Filtered water can either be pumped from this reservoir to lots above, or gravity fed to lots below.

Sinkhole at NE corner of Lot 35 / NW corner of Lot 31

Location on Plano

Location on Plano


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