Cuna Del Angel Hydroelectric System notes

  • The farm is located near Costanera km 171. Owner is Tom Nigel.
  • The stream appears to be smaller than SGEV Rio Aguila, but higher head is available – about 100 M vs 50 at SGEV.
  • The upper 55 meters is in 10″ PVC, the lower (higher pressure) 45 M is steel, w flanged connections. The PVC joints are rubber gasketed and can move with expansion and contraction.  The supports are designed to allow this movement.  Where the pipe is laid directly on the ground, a loop of cable is wrapped around it, anchoring it to a helical ‘dead man’ screwed into the ground above it. Where the pipe is mounted on raised supports, it is not rigidly bolted to the support. It just rests on it.
  • The intake screen at the toma looks like a maintenance problem.  It is too flat, should be more inclined.
  • There is stream  ‘leakage’ of flow under the streambed.
  • The heating elements in the tailrace tank are ‘dummy loads’ — resistance heaters.  There are 5 nozzles, 3 fixed and 2 automatic.  The control system opens and closes the two motorized valves, balancing the flow
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