Composting Toilets, Urine and Gray Water

composting toilet

“Indoor Outhouse” seat with urine separation – Alaska Bioshelter


Page excerpted from Composting Toilet Construction Manual on the benefits of urine separation: Page six – urine

Two versions of urine separating toilets:  One inexpensive, simple, DIY, the other more expensive (but still a heck of a lot cheaper than a flush toilet with conventional septic tank and leach field, etc.). This is more of a ‘finished’ product, maybe more acceptable to US tastes, and higher perceived value.  Both involve a greater understanding and dealing with our own wastes…

Subsurface flow constructed wetland for greywater

Root zone filter – System Sizing Rules of Thumb: 1 SF surface area per GPD. (Idea to improve: Design for ebb and flow using siphon. Also have overflow go to a pond/water garden. And overflow from that to subsurface drip irrigation.)subsurface

Liquid Gold: The Lore and Logic of Using Urine to Grow Plants

“Nitrogen pollution of lakes, rivers, and oceans by human urine is a growing problem. Liquid Gold shows how urine can safely be used to grow food, fuel, fiber, and beautiful landscapes while protecting the environment and providing free and safe fertilizer.”

Hot Poop on Composting Toilets: Separett (has some nice diagrams and description)

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