Sustainable Management of Duckweed Biomass

Sustainable Management of Duckweed Biomass Grown for Nutrient Control in Municipal Wastewaters

Duckweed molecular formula determination

Chemical and elemental composition analysis of the duckweed was carried out by the Utah State University Analytical lab, Logan Utah and Huffman Lab, Colorado respectively (Appendix A). In order to determine the molecular formula of the duckweed, the percent weight composition of each element obtained from the elemental composition analysis was used in the calculation. Average percent elemental composition on a wt% basis was found to be: 36.82% C, 4.78% H, 3.97% N, 28.81% O, 1.03 % P, 0.81% S, and 24.81 % ash.  Therefore the resulting duckweed formula is C102H159O60Pon a VS basis.









NB: Possible error in Metcalf & Eddy numbers bottom of Page 28.

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