Azolla duckweed aquatic plant

A good 12 page document from fao with technical/scientific data:

Floating aquatic macrophytes – Azolla

“Because Azolla has a higher crude protein content (ranging from 19 to 30 percent) than most green forage crops and aquatic macrophytes and a rather favourable essential amino acid (EAA) composition for animal nutrition (rich in lysine), it has also attracted the attention of livestock, poultry and fish farmers (Cagauan and Pullin, 1991). In Asia Azolla has been long used as green manure for crop production and a supplement to diets for pigs and poultry. Some strains of Azolla can fix as much as 2-3 kg of nitrogen/ha/day. Azolla doubles its biomass in 3-10 days, depending on conditions, and easily reaches a standing crop of 8-10 tonnes/ha fresh weight in Asian rice fields; 37.8 tonnes/ha fresh weight (2.78 tonnes/ha dry weight) has been reported for A. pinnata in India (Pullin and Almazan, 1983).”


Azolla: A Water Fern That Serves As a Fertilizer

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