SGEV Energy System, Micro-grid

Site info:

  • Total property is 94 hectares (234 acres).  It is saddle shaped, with river & valley running West to East across the middle, rising to ridges at north and south. Highest elevation at South ridge is 980 M. River elevation drops from ~785 to ~735 M.

  • Partial topo, showing river and proposed micro-hydro system layout. Measured flow (11/12/2012, during transition period between wet and dry seasons) was 249.9 l/s. Taking 70% of that yields 175 l/s.  Head could be as high as 50 M (TBD).
  • Plot plan. (The partial topo above is located in about the center of the property. See Rio Aguila callout)
  • Proposed homesite layout (First five parcels. Roads and individual homesites to follow…)  Approx 130 homesites, a community center, bar, restaurant, swimming pool, etc. are planned.

Proposed AC-Coupled micro-grid (see schematic diagram above):

  • The development will not be connected to the utility grid. (The community center/bar/restaurant may be, but not the homesites…)
  • A river with up to 70 KW (TBD) hydro potential runs through the center of the property.
  • There may be wind potential on the upper ridges (TBD. we are currently collecting wind data).
  • Solar PV panel arrays will be strategically located, each array sized to serve a cluster of 8-10 homesites.
  • A diesel generator  convertible to biogas in the future. (See 2-phase biogas digester design)

We will have a complete, stand-alone, community-owned and operated mini-utility, with everything tied together with an AC-coupled MicrogridHere is an online calculator used to estimate loads. Based on the default values, an estimated average load of 6-7 kWh per day or 200 kWh/month is assumed.

See Utility Guidelines for proposed approach…

Phasing: The first houses will be built before all of the infrastructure (water, hydroelectric) is in place, so they will be designed to be completely stand-alone, including:

  • Rainwater catchment, storage and purification.
  • Solar DHW.
  • Solar PV.
  • Propane cooking, DHW
  • No-flush, dry composting toilet
  • Gray water treatment & reuse (for secondary uses.)
  • etc.

This will also fit the total vision of the project. Though networked, each will have the capability of standing alone — a ‘holon’.

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