AC-Coupled Mini-grid info

from SMA Review:

One of the coolest features of the SMA Sunny Island 4248U Inverter is its ability to create a ‘mini grid’ in off grid remote areas. The Sunny Island can power the grid in a small community. Then each residence or building can have it’s own SMA Sunny Boy grid tied inverter tied to the Sunny Island’s ‘grid’. This way each building can generate power and it feeds the grid for the whole community all based of the Sunny Island’s AC output that creates the power grid. At night time or periods of little sun the the SMA Sunny Island 4248U still powers the grid but without the support of any SMA Sunny Boy’s. In this situation, if more power is needed you can run a generator and have it transferred through the Sunny Island.

Arizona Wind-sun forum discussion and review of ac-coupled mini-grid

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