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Anaerobic Digester Calculator



How to use: Change any of the default values shown in blue. Instantly see the results of your changes.

  1. Input quantity and type of available animal wastes.
  2. Add other wastes as available, to improve C/N ratio. (30:1 is ideal, though a lesser ratio will work.)
  3. Add water as required to provide a 6% - 8% slurry.
  4. Enter number of digester tanks desired. (In general, a single tank will be most cost effective, (having less surface area to insulate and lose heat through, and requiring less floor area and connecting piping and fittings). However, there may be valid reasons to go with two or more smaller tanks, rather than one large one, including redundancy (if one tank fails, the other(s) can continue), and better use of available space.
  5. The warmer the ambient temperature and/or input waste temperature (up to 95degF), the better the digester will perform. Warmer temperatures will require less tank insulation and less supplementary heat requied to maintain digestion process at optimum levels. If biogas is used to heat the digester, more will be available for other uses.

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