Attention Builders, Real Estate Agents, Developers!
Constructed Wetlands

Unable to build your dream home on that prime, dry-side view lot, for lack of water? If the only thing holding you back is lack of water, Biorealis Systems, Inc. may have the answer. We can design a water reclamation system for you that not only expands your development options, but also enhances the natural beauty of the site.

Here is a handy design tool you can use for preliminary sizing of your water catchment/water reclamation system. For best use, you will need month-by-month precipitation data for your site. Data for some selected Hawai'i sites is availabe here. If not available for your specific location, you can get a good idea from local experience.

With this tool, you can:

Calculate the amount of roof surface area required to collect a given amount of rain water,


See the net effect of various water usage, conservation, and/or reclamation strategies, and,


Size a water storage tank, exploring different layouts or configurations for best fit with the building shape and architectural design.

To use, adjust the values in blue text, to explore various combinations of tank collection area vs. storage tank capacity, vs percent of reclamation required for the expected rainfall in your area.
The goal is to end up with the bottom line -- "Total Capacity" -- exceeding the maximum number of days your site can be expected to go without rain.