water re-use

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water re-use

Post by paalta » Mon Jan 26, 2009 11:40 pm

I have 9 horses and the water to be added will be a considerable ammount, which has to be pumped from the water table as I am not conected to a mains supply
As your anerobic digester plans only have an 6-8% waste content , can the slurry be filtered to remove any solids and the liquid content re-used. Are there any benefits to doing this - does it aid digestion at all.

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Re: water re-use

Post by Bob » Sat Jan 31, 2009 3:29 pm

Your operation sounds like it might better lend itself to a batch feed or hybrid system, rather than the continuous feed design I have described here. The US EPA AgSTAR Handbook and Software provides the information you will need.

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