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Ultra Shelter - a dream who\'s time has come

Posted: Mon Dec 16, 2002 1:03 pm
by odejacl
Good to see work in this area. Bioshelter and all eco-life support systems are coming of age. Check out my web site at to see what I have in mind for this type of system. Long way to go.
P.S. Bob, you can thank Laurel for giving me your site. Great job!

Posted: Tue Dec 17, 2002 3:41 pm
by Bob

Where are you with your r&d? Anything you can share? Or is it necessarily closed because of the nature of your target market.

I'm somewhat familiar with CELSS -- at least have reviewed some of the literature -- and was peripherally involved with wastewater management systems at the Amundsen Scott South Pole Science Station a few years ago. A local firm designed the mechanical systems for the station.

Posted: Tue Dec 17, 2002 6:23 pm
by odejacl
The basis for a materially closed system is of course in the public domain (ASGSB, ICES etc...) there are of course propriatiary information on some unique aspects but the overall outlook is a complete system largescale fora commercially viable reason. The problem with space travel is no company wants to risk the investment. Ah ha! the old money aspect. What better way to invest than in a overall secure, safe environment for the future protection of the company's assets and resources.

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